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Donation Requests

Thank you for visiting Sweet Revenge to request fundraising support!

We are proud to assist our local communities as much as our resources allow! Because we receive multiple requests a day for donations, we have had to create giving guidelines. 

1. Sweet Revenge prioritizes our local communities; this includes our base of Point Pleasant Beach as well as Point Pleasant, Bay Head and Brielle.

2. We also prioritize programs that impact youth, including schools and recreation programs.

3. We are forever grateful to the customers who have built our business, and are excited to give back. If you are a regular visitor, you know us and we know you. Feel free to make a request regardless of whether or not #1 and #2 apply to you. 

4. Please provide a written request along with proof of your 501C-3. Please note that we donate product only, and do not give cash. 

Thanks for submitting!

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